Business-to-Business Marketing 2011 Outlook Survey Results

Marketing agency FUSION b2b announces the results of an October survey of business-to-business (B2B) marketers that identifies marketing budget outlook, top marketing priorities, and tactical marketing plans for the upcoming fiscal year.

The anonymous survey was conducted via SurveyMonkey, a web-based tool, and posed four (4) questions:

1) For the coming fiscal year, do you intend to increase or decrease marketing activities and budgets?

2) What is your most important marketing priority for 2011?

3) Which marketing tactics will increase or decrease in 2011?

4) What type of company are you?

The answers to the first question regarding plans to increase or decrease marketing activities and budgets identified a resounding 66% majority of respondents planning to increase, with a minority 5.5% planning to decrease marketing activities or budgets, and 28.5% maintaining marketing activities and budgets.

Regarding top marketing priorities for 2011, Lead Generation topped all at 26% of respondents, followed by Measuring Marketing at 14%, and Implementing Marketing at 10%. Surprisingly, Internet Marketing or Social Media did not rank as a top priority. Rounding our top marketing priorities were New Products, Awareness Building and Budgeting tied at 7% each. Market Research followed at 5%. The Other category had many specific mentions including Content, E-business, Events, IMC and Branding.

Regarding marketing tactic increases/decreases, not surprisingly almost all respondents plan to increase Internet, Social Media, PR and to a lesser extent, Promotions. Reinforcing industry sentiment, a majority (70%) of respondents plan to decrease Advertising, and Trade Shows (65%).

A company type or classification question identified 38% of respondents as service firms, 35% as manufacturers, 22% as consultants, 2.5% as non-profits, and 2.5% as Internet firms.

A Benchmark for 2011 Planning

A survey of this sort can certainly help you understand marketing trends. Or where you might plan marketing initiatives for the coming year. This is a benchmark that can help you communicate with management why you need marketing budgets, or why you need to dive into social media. We’ll do this Marketing Plan and Outlook annually, so please participate!

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