10 March Madness Trivia Facts for Your B2B Office

The Division I Men’s Basketball Championship is one of the most popular sporting events in the U.S.

Forget about getting any work done during the tournament; everybody is too busy watching the games and checking on their brackets. We love watching all the upsets, buzzer-beaters, tear jerkers and epic overtime battles. Since not much work is being done, to celebrate the occasion, here are 10 tournament trivia tidbits to dazzle your coworkers with. (I’ve already used a few! )

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Is Your Company Communicating Just to Sell?

Originally posted by Content Marketing Institute by Joe Pulizzi

The more companies I work with, the more I find that an organization’s communication strategy revolves around selling a very specific product or service. Is this necessarily horrible? No, not at all. Of course we want our customers to know about our products, services, specials, and talents. But revolving all communications around a sell can be detrimental to the long-term relationship you are trying to create with your customers.

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10 Topics to Blog About for B2B Companies

Starting up a Blog for your B2B company has proven to be of great benefit for a variety of reasons. Think about all the internal links and search engine optimization gains, a new communication channel for company’s news and services, not to mention a creative space for brand awareness. Most importantly, corporate blogs bring traffic to your site and in combination with other social media tools can become a great lead generation instrument.

There are many different ways to set up a blog and a number of blogging platforms to choose from. WordPress is the most popular, however some companies prefer Typepad, Blogger or even develop custom platform that fits their needs. Mashable has a great list of 16 Blogging Platforms to get you started blogging, but before you do – think of a topic that would be interesting for you and for your readers.

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10 Free Online Tools for Small Business

For many small business owners, many online tools are simply too expensive. Here are 10 free to help your small business grow and thrive. These tools cover a variety of topics that almost every business owner can use to become a social media superhero, a project management pro or a graphic wonder.

HelloSign is an application for getting documents signed. It includes tools to facilitate document signing, tracking and management.

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process.

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Public Relations Best Practices

Technology and the digital age have certainly changed news reporting and public relations. The news today is dynamic, visual, hyper-paced. Editors are utilizing digital and social media for story content and verification. Blogs and bloggers are influential as well, with many journalists and brands blogging and creating original channels for information and the news. That being said, the fundamentals of good PR and press release writing still hold true and are perhaps even more important today than ever before. Brands need to remember these basics and a few new rules as they incorporate PR as an important element of the marketing mix. Here are a few fundamentals to remember:

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Developing a Good Design Strategy

What exactly is a design strategy and why is it important? A recent article in HOW magazine explores this subject and sheds light on the importance of developing a design strategy. In essence, design strategy is the blending of business and creative objectives. A good design strategy helps elevate design beyond something that just looks pretty to an actually a tool that helps obtain business objectives.

To be truly effective, design shouldn’t just be about what is aesthetically appealing, or what is most liked or most popular. It should be about what is aligned with the business goals and objectives and what has the ability to help meet those objectives now and in the future. A solid design strategy means your efforts will be cohesive, coordinated and reproducible, not haphazard and responsive.

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16 Facebook Content Ideas



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How to Promote Your New Website

 photo WebsitePromotionFusionb2b-2.jpg
Have you recently spent a great deal of time, effort and money into developing or redesigning a new website? Congratulations on a job well done! You may feel like your work is over, but the truth is that you are only half way to the finish line. The next half of your job is to promote that new website—driving customers and prospects to your URL! What can you do to promote your fancy new site? Here are a few ideas to consider:

Send an Email Blast

Quick, easy and effective. Send an email blast to your current and prospective customers or create a template that your sales force can easily use. Make sure you include a link to the new website and also a brief line such as “Visit our new website at: www.newwebsite.com.” Some companies even incorporate some type of raffle or giveaway with their email announcement, encouraging visitors to sign-up on a landing page created to capture some additional customer and prospect information.

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Lead Generation Tips for Small Business

 photo Tradeshow_Fusion-1.jpg

Lead generation is the life-blood of your business. You may feel like you need a magic formula to generate leads, but the truth is, these three simple tips can help you start generating leads fairly quickly:

Make Sure There is a way to OPT-IN

Give your customers and prospects an avenue to interact with you.  If they have found your website or came to visit you at a tradeshow booth, make sure you have a way to capture that lead!  How do you do this?  Make sure you have a “subscribe” option on your website and additional lead capture forms for sample offers, downloads and events. The key here is to remember that quality is better than quantity.  An engaged consumer who voluntarily opts-in to your communication is a much more likely to become a converted to an actual sale, and that is the ultimate goal!

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Content Creation Ideas for Small Businesses

 photo CntntMrkt_ROI.jpg

Content is crucial to SEO success and it is an important marketing tool that is often overlooked by small businesses. Often strapped for time and lacking resources, content creation is a low priority. If this sounds like the norm for your small business, it’s time to reexamine your content creation process. Use some of the tips below to revive your efforts:

1. Create a Schedule

Defining dates for creating content pieces is a great place to start. Once you have some deadlines on paper, you are more likely to stick to them. Start by defining topics for a 3- 6 month time period. Tie your content to industry events, trade shows, or seasonal occurrences. And don’t forget to schedule in any company specific events (i.e. new product launches, company events or outings, etc.). Fill in the rest of your dates with interesting and compelling topics that your audience will find interesting. Keep reading for more ideas. . .

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