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Weather Guard

Weather Guard launch


WEATHER GUARD®, the top brand for truck and van construction storage taps FUSION b2b to launch new products. To support new product launches, timely and complete information to sales staff, distributors and customers is critical. Goals include sales training to support product knowledge, distributor buy-in and merchandising (display) placements, and ultimately end user sales.


A recent product launch by FUSION employed an integrated marketing approach including branding naming), advertising (both print and electronic), collateral, publicity (including press conference), dealer and channel support including POP merchandising (counter mat shown), and the company’s first foray into social media. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube were deployed. A launch kit that consisted of a letter introducing the 143, collateral, a business card CD with electronic versions of all printed pieces and a counter mat were mailed to all distributors and sales staff to introduce this new saddle box. Direct sales staff received a confidential How to Sell Against Competitors tool.

The recent product launch of a new truck saddle box included a distributor “Kit” with product brochure, DVD/video, and counter mat that was mailed to nearly 2000 distributors and sales staff. To date, key national accounts have placed merchandising displays. Unit sales continue to grow. A number of publicity placements have been measured. The launch was considered one of the most complete in company history.