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Vaughan Tools

Vaughan Case Study


Founded in 1898, Vaughan & Bushnell is the world’s leading manufacturer of hammers and striking tools for the construction industry. Though very popular among older carpenters and tradesmen, Vaughan needed a new image to appeal to a younger, more transient target audience that had yet to establish any brand loyalty. Moreover, Vaughan lacked a consistent identity throughout all the various points of customer contact: advertising, point-of-sale, packaging, collateral and promotions.

Aware that tinkering with a legendary brand can be risky, FUSION went right to the customer for insight.


Survey research elicited unequivocal support for a radical new look to reposition Vaughan as a “hip” player targeting the 20-35 male tradesman demographic.

Print ads and collateral pieces were the first vehicles to reflect the makeover. Combining bold graphic elements–a vivid red background and a gritty, “blue collar” typeface–with “in-your-face” headlines and copy, FUSION developed a cutting-edge image for Vaughan, giving the toolmaker a swagger it lacked in previous advertising.

By successfully repositioning the brand, Vaughan is now seen as a progressive leader in an industry dominated by well-founded competitors–proving you’re never too old to reinvent yourself.