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Tru Vue



Tru Vue is the leading manufacturer of acrylic glazing materials for professional framing. They wanted to create a point–of-purchase (POP) display for their Masterpiece® Acrylic product to be used at Michael’s Crafts, the leading arts and craft specialty retailer in North America. The kit would act as both a sales tool for Michael’s employees and a hands-on demo for customers to demonstrate the superiority of Masterpiece Acrylic vs. regular acrylic in regards to abrasion resistance and anti-static properties.


A simple, effective and memorable 3-D kit was developed. The point-of-purchase display compared and communicated the key features and advantages of Masterpiece® Acrylic versus regular acrylic. The kit consisted of a 3-D display featuring a cartoon spokes-character, Annie Acrylic, who “challenges” customers to both an abrasion-resistance test and an anti-static test. Also included in the kit were a piece of steel
wool for the scratch test and a microfiber cloth for the anti-static test to be used on the regular acrylic and the Masterpiece Acrylic sides of the display. The intent was to provide tangible proof to customers that the extra cost of Masterpiece Acrylic was indeed warranted, in regards to two very important attributes associated with professional framing. This point-of-purchase display was imaginative and useful, receiving several marketing awards including a Communicator and Davy award from the International Academy of Visual Arts, and a Tower award from Chicago’s Business Marketing Association.