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Omron Case Study


Omron Corporation North America is a leading manufacturer of electronic components, including advanced sensors for factory automation, healthcare and automotive devices. With thousands of different products and several divisions, Omron’s advertising lacked a coherent strategy and a consistent theme. In addition, Omron found itself being outspent by deep-pocket competitors such as Rockwell and Siemens.


FUSION launched a research and benchmarking study to identify and test alternative positioning strategies that differentiated Omron from its competitors. The result–the “Solve It” campaign–using the tagline: “Omron. The Problem Solvers.” Print ads featured application imagery and a virtual direct response offer–“Get It!”–that increased inquiries 2000% (measured by a new “Solve It” web site that captured registrations).

A corporate branding campaign titled “Omron Technology at Work” was also launched to reinforce Omron’s industry leader position in key markets via Business Week, The Wall Street Journal and transit advertising. Together, the effective campaigns have transformed Omron Corporation into a global power brand.