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Deublin Case Study


Deublin is the largest manufacturer of rotating unions in the world, a critical engineering component in the production of steel, chemicals and many other materials. But Deublin is more than just rotating unions. The company also pioneered the stationary siphon, allowing paper-making machines to operate at high speeds for greater machine “runnability” and operating efficiency. This fact, plus the benefits of using a stationary siphon over a competitor’s rotating siphon, needed to be communicated to engineers, plant managers, and other decision-makers in the pulp and paper industry.


Target the customers’ needs. First, FUSION developed a new SINT 2000 product catalog featuring the entire line of stationary siphons for the paper and pulp industry. Next, a new full-page ad was developed to run in paper industry trade publications. A large, bold headline was the focal point: RUN IT! Copy focused on the increased machine “runnability” afforded by stationary siphons, and the associated
customer benefits: increased production, less maintenance, and improved product quality. Readers were instructed to contact Deublin to receive a free copy of the newly developed SINT product catalog.